April Newsletter

Paramount Theatre Broadway Series

I’ll be working on our season ticket renewal for next years Broadway Series, and need to know who would like tickets by Wednesday, April 22nd. Next year’s shows are Oklahoma (9/23), A Christmas Story (12/2), Hairspray (1/27), and West Side Story (3/23). These dates are once again the 2nd Wednesday matinee for each show. The Paramount’s ticket prices remain $88.00 for the series, which includes transportation. If you want tickets, please bring your check for $88.00 to Sue in the office by April 22nd.


Jefferson Spring Recital

Jefferson Middle School has invited us to be their guest for their Spring recital and breakfast Friday, April 10th. We’ll be leaving at 8:45 am. Please sign up at the Front Desk by April 4th if you haven’t already.


Sanders & Warren Good Health Presentation

This presentation focuses on healthy, successful aging. Luise Warren will present key factors of maintaining good health and a satisfying lifestyle on April 24th at 2 pm in the Dining Room. She’ll share information on services that she can provide to support healthy aging, and will also share a list of other helpful services and products. Luise has supported and guided seniors and their families for over 30 years, and has partnered with many of our past residents and their families over the years.  She’s a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Care Manager. I think you’ll enjoy her presentation. Be sure to invite any friends or family, just let us know.


Be Wary of These Scams

It seems it’s time again to point out some scams everyone needs to be wary of. The Internal Revenue Service reports that victims are being called and told they owe money to the IRS, and are then threatened with arrest if they don’t pay up. One of our residents received just such a call a couple of weeks ago and handled it perfectly. They hung up and reported it to me. Any reputable company or agency will always MAIL you a notice, not make threatening calls.


Also be on the lookout for the call from a grandchild saying “Grandma or Grandpa, I need money”. Your grandkids or great grandkids wouldn’t call you for money. The problem with this one is everyone wants to help their grandkids. We’ve had residents receive this call in the past also. And any call that sounds too good to be true…usually is! I always suggest any mailings be run by your family. If that’s not possible I’m always happy to take a look at it with you if you’d like. Just PLEASE be careful.

April Events

1st- Easy Care Pharmacy presentation at Coffee Hour at 9:30 am

1st- Bean Bag Baseball at Oswego – leaving at 1:30 pm

5th- Happy Easter Everyone!!

8th- Lunch at Millhurst Ale House in Yorkville – leaving at 11:00 am

10th- Spring Program at Jefferson Middle School – leaving at 8:45 am

14th- Breakfast at Harner’s – leaving at 8:30 am

14th- Crafts with Claudeen at 10:45 am on 2nd Floor

16th- Entertainment – Chris Colletti – in Dining Room at 2 pm.

20th- Book Club meeting at 2 pm on the 3rd Floor.

22nd- Happy Hour at 2 pm on the 4th Floor.

24th- Sanders & Warren Good Health Presentation at 2 pm in the Dining Room.

27th- Bean Bag Baseball at Fox Knoll – leaving at 1:15 pm

28th- Breakfast at Egg Harbor – leaving at 8:30 am

30th- Bean Bag Baseball at Prisco Center – leaving at 2:15 pm

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