August 2014 Newsletter

We’re Looking for Your Input

You will have a unique opportunity to contribute to the future of Plum Landing on Friday, Aug. 15th at 1:30 pm in the Dining Room. We are looking for resident input on the things that you would like us to consider for future projects. We’ll be having representatives from Cordogan Clark & Associates (the architectural firm headed up by our Board president John Cordogan) here to facilitate the discussion and help us understand what is possible based on our physical set-up and location.

Some ideas may be possible to implement in the very near future, some may require years of planning and fundraising, and others may not be feasible. Ideas may be as simple as a shuffleboard court, others may require building an addition. Perhaps there’s a piece of the property or area of the building that you think could be utilized in a different or better way. You’ll also hear our latest plans for the renovation of the 4th Floor.

The point is we are giving you the opportunity to contribute to the discussion. Consider it a “wish list” for the future. Please consider joining us for the discussion, and bring family if you’d like. Hope to see you!


Paddleboat Trip

We’re going to St. Charles for a paddleboat ride on the Fox River on Thursday, Aug. 21st. Due to scheduling difficulties we had to change the date, and this will be the river tour ONLY, lunch is not included. On the plus side it’s only $7.50 instead of $25.00 per person. We’ll leave here at 2:45 pm for the 3:30 pm departure. The boat is docked in Pottawamie Park in St. Charles. The cruise is from 3:30 – 4:30 pm, and we’ll be back to Plum Landing in time for dinner. Hope you can join us!


Fall Prevention Presentation

Dr. Colleen Noe from Integrative Family Healthcare will be here on Friday, August 22nd at 2 pm in the Dining Room to give a presentation on things you can do to prevent a fall. She will also be demonstrating safe ways to get up if you have already fallen. These are great, useful tips that can benefit everyone, so feel free to invite your friends.


Medical Alert Devices

We’ve had some requests for information regarding medical alert devices, so Amanda compiled this list.

Alarm Detection System (ADS)- This is a local company, if you have questions you can contact Kathy at 630-844-5382. They do not do building, or group packages; however they do waive the installation fee for Plum Landing residents. Their basic package is $30 a month, which is billed quarterly and includes the unit, pendant and 24/7 monitoring service, which requires a landline telephone service.

Phillips Lifeline – Their basic package starts at $29.95 a month (includes unit, Pendant and 24/7 monitoring service). They also have a newer pendant option that can detect a fall and call for help on your behalf, which costs $44.95 a month. Both of these services require a landline telephone. However, they have a new package called the HomeSafe Wireless System that can be run without a landline telephone, this package costs $41.95 a month for basic service and $56.95 for the Auto-Alert. *Current promotion- Free shipping, activation and one month rent’s free. Their toll free number is 800-543-3546.

GreatCall- (Seen/sold in Wal-Mart) Works like the traditional medical alerts, but runs over a wireless network, so no need for a landline telephone, or even to be at home! You pay $49.99 for the “Splash” medical alert itself (this model is waterproof) and then just $14.99 a month for the 24/7 monitoring service. *The Splash does need to be charged on a cradle every 3-4 days. They are currently offering the first month free if purchased in store. Their toll free number is 800-918-8543.


August Events

5th- Breakfast at Harner’s with Pam at 8 am – please sign up.

6th-Bean Bag Baseball at Oswego – leaving at 1:30 pm, please sign up.

8th- Craft Club with Pam at 1 pm in Activity Room.

14th- Out to lunch at Fireside Cafe – leaving at 11:15 am, please sign up.

14th- Entertainment – Randy Walker – at 2 pm in the Dining Room.

18th- Book Club meeting at 2 pm on the 4th Floor.

19th- Breakfast at Aurora Pancake House with Pam at 8 am – please sign up.

20th- Happy Hour at 2 pm on the 4th Floor.

20th- Circus in Hinckley – leaving at 6:45 pm, please sign up.

21st- St. Charles Paddleboat trip – leaving at 2:45 pm, please sign up.

22nd- Fall Prevention Presentation at 2 pm in the Dining Room

27th- Cookout on the Patio at 11:30 am.

28th- Bean bag Baseball vs. Prisco at 2 pm on 4th Floor, please sign up.

28th- Out to Dinner at Lakeview Grille in Yorkville – leaving at 5 pm, please sign up.


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