Retirement Community Celebrates 50 Years

This year Plum Landing Retirement Community is celebrating its 50th anniversary of serving Aurora’s senior citizens. Founded in 1962 by school teacher Ida Mighell, Plum Landing is a non-profit retirement community where active senior citizens can live independently and enjoy a variety of activities.  Located alongside the Fox River, residents enjoy beautiful river and park views from their balconies.

Plum Landing has thrived over the last 50 years due to its ability to provide quality services to seniors while still giving residents the freedom to be active within the community. Marketing coordinator Amanda Whitman states that seniors move into Plum Landing because some “are no longer capable of dealing with the upkeep of their homes, but still want to be active.”  To accommodate, Plum Landing staff organizes many wide-ranging activities for residents to participate in, whether it be from something simple, such as playing bingo in the recreation room, to more lively activities, such as going to the zoo or visiting the Paramount Theater. 

Of course, the experience at Plum Landing wouldn’t be complete without its exceptional staff.  The staff is constantly available for all of the resident’s needs, ranging from transportation, housekeeping, and top-notch food served by an experienced chef.  The staff’s dedication to the residents and their families are what make Plum Landing so special. Due to the variety of services and beautiful surroundings, it’s little wonder that Plum Landing has existed for 50 years, and will definitely be around for 50 more.


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