September Trips!

With the weather getting nicer and the construction project starting this month we have decided to try and keep everyone busy! Please feel free to join our residents for any of the following trips we are planning to take this month. Call Amanda at 630-896-5031 for more details or to RSVP!

Hollywood Casino! Join us for an excitement filled trip downtown to the Casino! We will be leaving at 10am on Tuesday, September 11th, so don’t forget to sign up and maybe you’ll even hit the jackpot!

Xtreme Bugs at the Brookfield Zoo! We’re going to see the Xtreme Bugs exhibit on Wednesday, Sept. 5th. It’s a really interesting exhibit featuring everything from giant animatronic bugs to live larvae. There are several habitats throughout the exhibit that show where these insects would live in the wild and we’ll learn how they impact our world.

Zoo admission for seniors is $10.50 plus $3.00 for the exhibit. Bring a little extra money for lunch or bring your own, or maybe even a tram ride. We’ll just pay at the gate. We’ll leave Plum Landing at 9:30 am, and plan to be back by 2:30 pm. Please sign up on the board, or RSVP to Amanda. There are spots for 6 on the sign-up, but we can take up to 14. It should be a lot of fun.

Starved Rock! On Friday, Sept. 14th, Mary will be taking a group to Starved Rock State Park for lunch and a canal and trolley tour of the park that’s a lot of fun with beautiful scenery. They’ll leave Plum Landing at 10 am and be back around 3 pm. Please sign up on the board, or RSVP to Mary.

Arlington Park Racetrack! Don will be taking a group to Arlington Park Racetrack for lunch and then we’ll watch the horses run on Sept. 20th. We’ll leave at 11 am and be back around 4:30 pm. If you’ve never been, it’s a lot of fun.


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