Concrete Restoration Project

       I want to thank all of you who were able to attend the resident meeting earlier this week. I’d like to review what we covered. During our routine inspections of the building we discovered some concrete areas that need attention. With the help of Cordogan Clark & Associates (architects), we were able to put together a report that estimated the cost of repairs – some structural, some cosmetic. Once we had that we applied for and were fortunate enough to receive a grant from the Dunham Foundation that would cover most all of the costs. John Dunham, along with his wife Judy, have been great benefactors of Plum Landing over the years. In fact, John was the executor of Ida Mighell’s estate, from which Plum Landing was conceived and created, and Judy was a longtime member of the Board of Directors!


     There are 4 main areas to address. They include repairs to 4 of the brown concrete pillars at the front entrance and replacement of the rusted steel column in the courtyard. 3 concrete panels along the courtyard will be cut out and replaced as they have shifted ever so slightly over the years. Lastly, all of the 6th floor concrete wall panels at the entrance and wrapping around past the outside apartments will be repaired and covered with a special coating to protect them. This is why the ivy had to be taken down (see photo). These repairs have been approved and will happen.

      We hope to be able to do one more thing – replace the concrete deck from the front sidewalk to the front entrance doors. The rusting rebar, conduit, and wire forms below the surface have caused the concrete to crack and pit.  Completion of this area though is dependent on how the first part of the project goes and the cost. The first areas I discussed are structural concerns that must be addressed, the front entrance is more of a cosmetic concern. But who doesn’t want their “front door” to look nice!

     While we have a very good idea of what the first part of this project entails and have made conservative cost estimates, you never know what you may find in concrete restoration work. If it costs less than expected, we may only need another $7,000 or so to do everything. If it costs more than expected, we may need another $23,000. We expect to have a pretty good idea of where we stand by the end of the first week of construction. It will then be up to the Board of Directors to decide whether we want to commit any additional funds. However it turns out, if we don’t use the full amount of the grant we will have to return the remaining money. Should you be interested in supporting this project in the form of a donation, please see me for more details.

     The work will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 4th. The workers will be here from 7 am – 5 pm weekdays. They have committed to no noise until at least 8 am. The work will take at least 2 weeks, up to 3 or 4 if we do the front entrance. Any areas of construction will be safely blocked off, and should not impact us too much day to day. Should we be able to do the front entrance, I will put out more information on how we will handle that. You will see a dumpster parked out front for debris. The workers will park in the parking lot south of us so as not to impact parking. They will have use of an outside apartment so they will not be in the building either.

     I am looking forward to a very smooth completion of the project. The contractor understands our community and will do whatever they can to get this project completed in a safe, orderly, and timely fashion.  As always, please see me with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Don Mangers


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