Paddle Wheel Riverboat Cruise

The weatherman said that it wasn’t supposed to rain until the afternoon, so of course it started to rain as soon as we all got onto the boat! That’s OK though, because we had a delicious meal waiting for us inside and we still had a nice ride on the Fox River. A couple brave souls took the umbrellas and headed for the upper deck after lunch to check out the scenery a little closer. I too braved the elements and took some nice pictures of everyone having a good time. Check out our Flickr stream for some more pictures!

Upcoming Events

On a brighter note (literally!) it is supposed to be Sunny and 77 tomorrow for our Senior Olympics. We had to cancel twice before because it was too hot over the summer, so tomorrow should be just right; so come on out and cheer on our athletes! Also taking place this week is our special presentation on the Stone House and the Mighell Family. Cousins of Ida and Lee Mighell, will be here to tell us some funny family stories and history that we didn’t even know before. Ida Mighell left the money in her estate and the dream of opening Plum Landing. Lee Mighell was her brother and the builder of our Stone House that still sits on the Plum Landing grounds. 


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