Seniors Facing Big Decisions

To move, or not to move?

It seems to be the question on every seniors mind these days. Do I sell my house and move into a retirement community, or do I stay in my house? More and more seniors are opting to move out of their homes and into active senior retirement communities, like Plum Landing in Aurora, IL.

Amanda Whitman, Marketing Coordinator for Plum Landing, said that “We are seeing a lot more seniors who no longer wish to deal with the cooking, cleaning, and upkeep of their homes and are choosing to move into communities like ours that are able to handle all of that for them.”

Plum Landing is an independent living community with many helpful services. Each day, the staff conducts a morning and evening call to check on each resident’s well being. If the resident does not answer, a staff member goes to personally check on them.

Additionally, they also include a meal allowance in your rent that covers most of your meals. Let’s face it: no matter what age you are, one of the hardest things to do is eat right when you’re cooking for just one or two. Doesn’t it make more sense to just make your way to a beautiful dining room and be served a delicious meal by a friendly server? Plum Landing’s chef Enrico Bianchi has been planning and serving great meals to their residents for over 20 years.

Many seniors also make the change for social reasons. We live in Illinois and you know as well as I do that the weather is temperamental: one minute we have scorching heat and the next minute we have bitter cold. Most seniors are stuck inside their homes during the hot and cold months, with little to no companionship surrounding them. Communities like Plum Landing offer full activity programs onsite, along with scheduled trips and events out to the surrounding communities. These programs give residents plenty of options and a way to socialize year round with friends and neighbors; instilling a real sense of community that many of them had growing up.

For more information on Plum Landing Retirement Community, or to schedule a tour, call Amanda Whitman at (630) 896-5031.


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