October Updates

Voter Registration

If you plan on voting in the Nov. 8th election, the deadline to register is Oct. 11th. For your convenience we will be having a deputy registrar from the Aurora Election Commission here on Monday, October 3rd at 9 am on the 4th floor to get you registered. You must bring 2 forms of identification, and know your birthday and last 4 digits of your social security number. According to the Commission, we currently have 20 residents that are NOT registered, so this is your chance! We will be providing transportation on election day.


White Fence Farm Outing

We’re headed to White Fence Farm for lunch and entertainment by Randy Walker on Oct. 18th, leaving here  at 10:30 am. You’ve seen his show here before. Cost is $38.00, cash or check. If check, make payable to Randy Walker. Please call the Front Desk to sign up, and see Kathy for details.


Electronic Payment Option

We are looking at having a new rent payment option available shortly to pay bills electronically. Most likely you’d be able to go to the Plum Landing website, plumlanding.org, to set this up. It would also be available to make charitable donations if desired.

Right now we are trying to gauge interest by residents and or their families who would enjoy this convenience. I’m asking residents to just let me know by stopping by. All others are welcome to call me at 630-896-5031, or drop me an e-mail at don@plumlanding.org with any questions or comments. Thanks.


Art Insights Program

Fox Valley volunteers for Art Insights are coming back to present a program on The Beauty of Everyday Life on Thursday, Oct. 20th, at 9:30 am on the 4th Floor. Many of you enjoyed their program on Neapolitan Crèche last January. This program will explore the time when artists were attempting to make art resemble life. Painters took their subjects from the world around them and tried to represent them in a realistic manner, hence the term “Realists”. Their work influenced Impressionism, and Realism is broadly considered the beginning of Modern Art. Please join us for what sounds like a very interesting program!


Medicare Updates & Open Enrollment

Learn all about your options and open enrollment at this informative session. It’s Friday, Oct. 28th at 1 pm on the 4th floor. John Goheen (Kathy’s husband) will be the presenter. Family is welcome to join.


Heating Update

We’ll be making the usual fall switch from air conditioning to heat in the next couple of weeks. Remember that we can only have one or the other, and there are plenty of warm days forecast for at least the next 10-15 days. We’ll keep you posted on exactly when that will happen, and then it’s just a matter of Rick and Ruth stopping by each apartment. Please feel free to see me if you have any questions. Thanks.

October Events
  • 3rd- Voter Registration at 9 am on the 4th Floor.
  • 4th- Bean Bag World Series at Prisco – leaving at 9:15 am
  • 10th- Blood Pressure Screening at 9:30 am on the 4th Floor.
  • 11th- Breakfast at Harner’s – leaving at 8:30 am
  • 13th- Entertainment – Al Schubert – at 2 pm in the Dining Room.
  • 17th- Bean Bag Baseball at Fox Knoll – leaving at 1:15 pm
  • 17th- Book Club at 2 pm on the 4th Floor.
  • 18th- Lunch & Show at White Fence Farm – leaving at 10:30 am
  • 20th- Art Insights Presentation  – The Beauty of Everyday Life – 9:30 am on the 4th Floor.
  • 25th- Breakfast at Riverview Diner – leaving at 8:30 am
  • 26th- Halloween Happy Hour at 2 pm on the 4th Floor.
  • 27th- Lunch at Calamity Jane’s – leaving at 11 am
  • 28th- Medicare Presentation by Mike Goheen at 1 pm on 4th Floor.

September Events

Arlington Park Racetrack           

We’re going to Arlington Park Racetrack on Thursday, Sept. 15th for an afternoon of watching the horses. If you’ve never been there, the track and grounds are just beautiful. You can bring a few dollars and enjoy some betting, or just watch if you prefer. Bus ride and admission is $5. Please pay Sue in the office.

We’ll leave at 11 am, and have lunch (around $10) there. We’ll be back at Plum Landing by 5 pm. Feel free to invite family or friends. Seating is limited, so sign up with the Front Desk as soon as possible. This is a lot of fun and a great way to spend an afternoon. See Don with any questions. Hope to see you!


Blood Pressure Schedule Change

Willow Home Care will be changing their schedule to one blood pressure check per MONTH, rather than once per WEEK. This change will begin in September. It will be on the 2nd Thursday each month, beginning this month on Sept. 8th.


Flu and Pneumonia Shots

Shamrock Pharmacy will be here again this year to administer flu and pneumonia shots on Friday, Sept. 23rd at 1:30 pm on the 4th floor. Please stop by the desk to fill out paperwork to get pre-approved for both shots. Medicare will cover 100% for both with pre-approval. The paperwork is due by Sept. 16th.


Kuipers Orchard Shop & Bakery

We’re going to Kuipers Family Farm on Tuesday, Sept. 27th. We’ll be visiting the Orchard Shop & Bakery, which has apple cider donuts, fudge, other fresh baked goods, and lots of other good stuff to eat, drink, or decorate with. This year you’ll also enjoy lunch there. 

 The best news is that you’ll receive 15% off any purchases in the Orchard Shop. It’s located just west of Elburn, so it will be a nice ride in the country also. We’ll leave here at 11 am, and should be back at Plum Landing by 2 pm. Come join us for what should be a great trip. And don’t forget to sign up!

Calendar of Events

5th- Labor Day - Office closed - No Courtesy Car.
6th- Breakfast at George’s - leaving at 8:30 am
7th- Bean Bag Baseball vs. Oswego on 4th Floor at 1:30 pm.
8th- Blood Pressure Check at 9 am on the 4th Floor.
8th- Entertainment - John Boda - at 2 pm in the Dining Room.
15th- Arlington Park Racetrack - leaving at 11 am
19th- Bean Bag Baseball at Fox Knoll - leaving at 1:15 pm
20th- Breakfast at Honey Jam - leaving at 8:30 am
21st- Happy Hour at 2 pm on the 4th Floor.
22nd- Lunch at Portillo’s - leaving at 11 am
23rd- Flu/Pneumonia Shots on the 4th Floor at 1:30 pm
26th- Bingo at 1:30 pm on the 2nd Floor - special day this month.
26th- Book Club at 2 pm on the 4th Floor.
27th- Lunch & Shopping at Kuipers Family Farm - leaving at 11 am
28th- Cookout on the Patio at 11:30 am.
29th- Bean Bag Baseball at Prisco Center - leaving at 2:15 pm

April Newsletter

Paramount Theatre Broadway Series

I’ll be working on our season ticket renewal for next years Broadway Series, and need to know who would like tickets by Wednesday, April 22nd. Next year’s shows are Oklahoma (9/23), A Christmas Story (12/2), Hairspray (1/27), and West Side Story (3/23). These dates are once again the 2nd Wednesday matinee for each show. The Paramount’s ticket prices remain $88.00 for the series, which includes transportation. If you want tickets, please bring your check for $88.00 to Sue in the office by April 22nd.


Jefferson Spring Recital

Jefferson Middle School has invited us to be their guest for their Spring recital and breakfast Friday, April 10th. We’ll be leaving at 8:45 am. Please sign up at the Front Desk by April 4th if you haven’t already.


Sanders & Warren Good Health Presentation

This presentation focuses on healthy, successful aging. Luise Warren will present key factors of maintaining good health and a satisfying lifestyle on April 24th at 2 pm in the Dining Room. She’ll share information on services that she can provide to support healthy aging, and will also share a list of other helpful services and products. Luise has supported and guided seniors and their families for over 30 years, and has partnered with many of our past residents and their families over the years.  She’s a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified Care Manager. I think you’ll enjoy her presentation. Be sure to invite any friends or family, just let us know.


Be Wary of These Scams

It seems it’s time again to point out some scams everyone needs to be wary of. The Internal Revenue Service reports that victims are being called and told they owe money to the IRS, and are then threatened with arrest if they don’t pay up. One of our residents received just such a call a couple of weeks ago and handled it perfectly. They hung up and reported it to me. Any reputable company or agency will always MAIL you a notice, not make threatening calls.


Also be on the lookout for the call from a grandchild saying “Grandma or Grandpa, I need money”. Your grandkids or great grandkids wouldn’t call you for money. The problem with this one is everyone wants to help their grandkids. We’ve had residents receive this call in the past also. And any call that sounds too good to be true…usually is! I always suggest any mailings be run by your family. If that’s not possible I’m always happy to take a look at it with you if you’d like. Just PLEASE be careful.

April Events

1st- Easy Care Pharmacy presentation at Coffee Hour at 9:30 am

1st- Bean Bag Baseball at Oswego – leaving at 1:30 pm

5th- Happy Easter Everyone!!

8th- Lunch at Millhurst Ale House in Yorkville – leaving at 11:00 am

10th- Spring Program at Jefferson Middle School – leaving at 8:45 am

14th- Breakfast at Harner’s – leaving at 8:30 am

14th- Crafts with Claudeen at 10:45 am on 2nd Floor

16th- Entertainment – Chris Colletti – in Dining Room at 2 pm.

20th- Book Club meeting at 2 pm on the 3rd Floor.

22nd- Happy Hour at 2 pm on the 4th Floor.

24th- Sanders & Warren Good Health Presentation at 2 pm in the Dining Room.

27th- Bean Bag Baseball at Fox Knoll – leaving at 1:15 pm

28th- Breakfast at Egg Harbor – leaving at 8:30 am

30th- Bean Bag Baseball at Prisco Center – leaving at 2:15 pm

March 2015 Newsletter

Historical Aurora Church Tour

Kathy will be taking interested residents on a bus tour of many of the churches in town. She’ll have printed programs so you can follow along. This is a driving only trip – no walking – so be sure to sign up and enjoy the ride. Bus leaves Monday, March 9th at 1 pm. Sounds like an interesting trip!

Sassy Scarf Tying

The sassy scarf seems to be the latest fashion trend, so come join Kathy and learn a number of ways to make it look good, or share your own ideas. Sounds like fun. Join her Friday March 13th at 1:30 pm.

Kiwanis Pancake Day

The Aurora Kiwanis will be hosting our 65th Annual Pancake Day on Saturday, March 21st from 7 am till noon. It will once again be at Aurora Central Catholic High School, on the corner of Indian Trail and Edgelawn. I’ve arranged for the usual special seating – no waiting in line – for Plum Landing residents! We’ll be taking those who’d like to go at 8 am. Please sign up at the Front Desk. I will be there to make sure your pancakes are “just right”! Tickets are $6 each. Please let your families know about this also! See the Front Desk or Don for tickets. Kiwanis, and I, appreciate all the support you’ve provided over the years.

Aurora University Concert

We’re headed to AU for another performance in their concert series on Thursday, March 24th.  Join us to see Josh Baum, AU Assistant Professor of Music and Tenor, and Ric Larsen, AU Instructor of Classical Guitar perform selections from both the classical and popular music genres in a concert that is sure to thrill. We’re leaving at 11:30 am, so be sure to sign up at the Front Desk.

Hospice Presentation

Please join Willow hospice and palliative care for a fun interactive hospice 101 question-and-answer session on Friday March 27th at 2 pm. Understand what the difference is between hospice and palliative care, and when your loved one may benefit from the gift of hospice. Refreshments and treats will be served.

March Events

3rd- Breakfast at Harner’s – leaving at 8:30 am

3rd- Crafts with Claudeen at 10:45 am on 2nd Floor

4th- Bean Bag Baseball at Oswego – leaving at 1:30 pm

9th- Historical Aurora Church Tour – leaving at 1 pm

12th- Entertainment – Piano with Al Schubert – in Dining Room at 2 pm.

13th- “Sassy” Scarf Tying class at 1:30 pm on 2nd Floor.

16th- Bean Bag Baseball at Fox Knoll – leaving at 1:15 pm

16th- Book Club meeting at 2 pm on the 3rd Floor.

17th- Breakfast at George’s – leaving at 8:30 am

17th- Joyfully Aging speaker and concert at Westminster, leaving at 1:30 pm

18th- Happy Hour (sponsored by The Tillers) at 2 pm in the Dining Room.

19th- Lunch at Claddagh Irish Pub in Geneva – leaving at 11:15 am

21st- Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast at Aurora Central – leaving at 8 am

23rd- Bean Bag Baseball at Senior Services – leaving at 1:15 pm

24th- Concert at Aurora University – leaving at 11:30 am

26th- Bean Bag Baseball vs. Prisco Seniors at 2:30 pm.

27th- Hospice Presentation by Willow Home Car at 2 pm in the Dining Room.

February’s Newsletter

Super Bowl XLIX Party

Don’t miss our 15th Annual Super Bowl party this Sunday, February 1st, at 5 pm. Join your fellow residents and watch the Seattle Seahawks take on the New England Patriots on the big screen TV on the 3rd floor. We’ll be providing pizza and pop. Hope you can make it!!

Tax Return Help

AARP will again be doing free income tax preparation for seniors at Aurora Senior Services on North Lake St. We have reserved 5 time slots each for Tuesday, March 3rd at 9:30 am and Tuesday, March 10th at 9:00 am. Please sign up at the Front Desk to reserve a spot. Transportation will be provided for these times. We do need to know by Tuesday, Feb. 24th if you’re interested, so we can release any unused spots to others.

Organ Concert at Aurora University

David Shrader returns to Aurora University for an exhilarating concert featuring the Crimi Auditorium pipe organ on Thursday, Feb. 12th at noon. We’ll be leaving here at 11:30 am, so you may want to grab a light bite to eat in your room beforehand. If there’s enough interest, we may grab lunch out before or after the concert. See Kathy for details, and be sure to sign up.

Clergy Appreciation Luncheon

We’ll be hosting a clergy appreciation luncheon to give recognition and thanks for all the support that the local ministries provide to our community. The lunch will be Wednesday, February 18th at 11:30 am in the Dining Room. While this will be a normal lunch seating, we will be giving special recognition to our honored guests. Please see Amanda for more details or if you’d like to invite a clergy person from your church.

Ever Wonder About the Hindu Temple in Aurora?

Now all your questions will be answered. We’re going to the temple located at Sullivan and Randall Roads on Tuesday, Feb. 24th at 9:30 am. There will be a tour (about an hour or so) along with some history of the temple. There will be some walking to do also. Should be quite interesting. Be sure to sign up.

Hearing Presentation

We’ll be having an audiologist here for a presentation that will cover hearing health & preventive care on Friday, February 27th at 1:30 pm in the Dining Room. After the presentation they will be conducting quick 5 minute hearing screenings for anyone who’s interested (they can also clean hearing aids!). They’ll also have information on how to get free caption phones and Otoscopic exams (looking inside the ear). They also want families to get involved, so they can find out what their love one’s may be dealing with and how it can make them depressed or withdrawn. If someone is struggling with hearing loss it is important for family to know how to communicate with them. Sounds interesting. Hope to see you there.

February Events

1st- Super Bowl Party at 5 pm on the 3rd Floor.

3rd- Breakfast at Colonial Café – leaving at 8:30 am

3rd- Crafting with Claudeen at 10:30 am on 2nd Floor

4th- Bean Bag Baseball at Oswego – leaving at 1:30 pm

10th- Valentine’s Breakfast and Bingo at Chick-Fil-A – leaving at 8:30 am

11th- Lunch at Portillo’s – leaving at 11:30 am

12th- Organ Concert at Aurora University – leaving at 11:30 am

13th- Valentine’s Day party on 4th Floor at 2 pm.

16th- Bean Bag Baseball at Fox Knoll – leaving at 1:15 pm

17th– Breakfast at Cracker Barrel – leaving at 8:30 am

18th- Clergy Appreciation Lunch in Dining Room at 11:30 am.

19th- Entertainment – Randy Walker – in Dining Room at 2 pm.

23rd- Book Club meeting at 1:30 pm on the 4th Floor.

24th- Tour Balaji Temple in Aurora – leaving at 9:30 am

25th- Happy Hour “Mardi Gras” at 2 pm on the 4th Floor.

26th- Bean Bag Baseball vs. Prisco Center at 2:30 pm on 4th Floor.

27th- Hearing Presentation at 1:30 pm in Dining Room.

Plum Landing’s January Newsletter

Happy New Year!

Thank You From the Staff

I want to thank all of the residents who contributed to the Employee Christmas Fund. The employees who serve you throughout the year appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity, especially at this time of the year. On behalf of the entire staff, thank you! And have a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

Annual Appeal Update

I’m happy to report that we’re off to a good start with the Annual Appeal. We’ve raised over $6,000.00 so far from almost 50 donors! Thanks to all who have contributed. We’ve received contributions from residents and their families – past and present, employees and Board members – past and present, vendors, and friends of Plum Landing. It’s not too late if you’d like to contribute. Thanks everyone.

Silvestri Treats Trip

We will be touring the Silvestri Treats chocolate manufacturing facility in Geneva on Thursday, January 22nd. The cost is $4 per person and includes the tour and samples. You may want to bring some extra money in case you want to buy more on your own. Sounds like a fun and interesting trip, be sure to sign up at the Front Desk!

Mystery Lunch Trip

It’s time for another “Mystery Trip”. We’ll be going Friday, January 30th, leaving Plum Landing at 11 am. The ride portion will be about 30 minutes or so, followed by lunch at a secret location. You can expect to be back at Plum Landing around 2:00 pm. Be sure to sign up, and see Don or Kathy with any questions.

Emergency Contact Updates

Next week we’ll be delivering a copy of your current emergency contact list to you. Please take the time to review it and discuss with your family if needed. If changes need to be made, you may pick up a new sheet at the Front Desk. This sheet is extremely important in an emergency. Thanks.

Utility Tax Rebate Reminder

We have a lot of new residents this year, so I want to make sure to remind everyone to save your December 2014 electric bill so you can get the City of Aurora’s tax rebate when it comes out in a couple of months – usually April or May. The short explanation is that if you lived in the city of Aurora for all of 2014 (either here at Plum Landing or elsewhere), you’ll qualify for up to a $50 rebate on utility taxes you paid. Watch future newsletters for all the details. For now just be sure to save your December electric bill.

January Events

1st- Happy New Year! Dinner at 12:30 pm, Office closed, no Courtesy Car.
6th- Breakfast at Nikarry’s – leaving at 8 am
6th- Crafts with Claudeen at 10:30 am on 2nd Floor
7th- Entertainment – Larry Levin – at 2 pm in the Dining Room.
15th- Entertainment – Jovan Carter as Michael Jackson – at 2 pm in the Dining Room.
16th- Out to Lunch at East China Inn – leaving at 11:30 am
19th- Bean Bag Baseball at Fox Knoll – leaving at 1:15 pm
19th- Book Club meeting at 2 pm on the 4th Floor.
20th- Breakfast at Double Yolk Pancake House – leaving at 8 am
22nd- Silvestri Treats trip to Geneva – leaving at 1:15 pm
23rd- Balance Screening/Fall Prevention with Willow Home Care at 2 pm on 4th Floor.
28th- Happy Hour “Cruise” at 2 pm on the 4th Floor.
29th- Bean Bag Baseball at Prisco Center – leaving at 2:15 pm
30th- Mystery Lunch – leaving at 11 am

Plum Landing’s December Newsletter

Lighting of the Tree Celebration

We will be celebrating the start of the Christmas season with the Lighting of the Tree Celebration on Thursday, Dec. 4th. Join us for dinner at 5:30 pm, followed by a Chapel service at 7:00 pm with Rev. Will Ericson, and the Celebration starting at approximately 7:30 pm in the Dining Room. There will be cookies, eggnog, and Christmas songs. Please join us for what promises to be a fun evening!

Residents & Board of Directors Christmas Dinner    

I look forward to seeing all of the residents at this very special dinner on Thursday, Dec. 11th at 6:30 p.m. in the Dining Room. It’s a time to honor our residents and those serving as members of our Board of Directors. We want to say thanks to all of you who choose to call Plum Landing home. The Board volunteers their time and effort each year to help guide the operation of Plum Landing, and promote the mission of Plum Landing in the community. This dinner is our Christmas gift to you. Don’t forget to RSVP!

We’ll be serving a pizza buffet on the 2nd floor for lunch this day at 11:30 am, so we can prepare the  Dining Room for the evening’s festivities. This lunch is on us also!

Christmas Week and New Year Schedule

The office will be closed in observance of Christmas on Thursday, Dec. 25th, and there will be no Courtesy Car that day. The same schedule will apply New Year’s week. Bonnie will be in the Beauty Shop on Wednesday, Dec. 24th, that week. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

Aurora Christian is “Making Friends”

We are very excited to announce that Aurora Christian School has adopted Plum Landing for their “Making Friends” program. Every year the first grade class picks a place they would like to become friends with during the holiday season. Over the next couple of months, Mrs. Post and Mrs. Herbert’s class will send homemade holiday cards and treats to Plum Landing. The class dropped off Thanksgiving cards and a Veterans Day poster. The residents are very tickled to see all of the beautiful items show up at their door. We feel truly blessed to be chosen by such an amazing and talented group.

Feed My Starving Children

Several residents expressed an interest in “giving back” during the holiday season, so Kathy has arranged for us to help the Feed My Starving Children program. It is a non-profit Christian organization committed to feeding God’s children hungry in body and spirit. The approach is simple: children and adults hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children, and they ship these meals to nearly 70 countries around the world. We will be going Thursday, Dec. 18th, from 9:30 – 11:30 am. Our role will be to SIT and label boxes at the beginning of the line. We’ll get you back in time for lunch. We’ll leave a little before 9. Please sign up.